Saturday, September 15, 2012

CNN caught HOAXING & STAGING the News!!

You do believe  official news channels? CNN perhaps?

CNN caught RED HANDED hoaxing the News broadcast of Gulf War 1990. Completely fabricated and staged, and revealing the conspiracy in the main stream media and the mind control, lies and deceit they keep themselves busy with. This footage was leaked by a CNN insider.

Charles Jaco was the CNN reporter famous for covering the 1990 Persian Gulf War.

The first part of this video shows the stage set he was on, and he was clowning around with fellow CNN staff. The Saudi Arabian "hotel" in the background were fake palm trees and a blue wall in a studio. This clip was leaked by CNN staff.

The second part of this video was a live CNN satellite feed recorded onto VHS showing the final cut. Charles Jaco was wearing a different jacket, but he had the same act. The acting was terrible as Charles Jaco wore a gas mask, and his fellow correspondent Carl Rochelle wore a helmet. The sirens and missile sound effects are part of the stage set. The camera never pans out or shows the sky.

 One is wearing mask at some stage, other a helmet. Hmmm... great show! :-)

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CNN BUSTED!!! AGAIN more Fake videos from the Libya, Syria conflict

 This is really good one.

Syria - The REAL Story -- MUST SEE -- CIA & MOSSAD Death Squads Exposed

Still believe in official mainstream news? Do more research yourself.

Just type on YouTube - faking news.

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