Saturday, September 8, 2012

Aaron Russo MAD AS HELL

Brilliant guy, brilliant speaker, most likely murdered for such influence he had on others. A must watch entire film. It's worth it!

Aaron was ahead of his time. Many of his concerns are at once ancient & very contemporary in an awakening that seems to be gripping us all in light of the current failures of our political malaise & economic disaster. May we all see clearer now, and grip the opportunity to change for the better. Aaron would be pleased if we make it so as if he was alive today. We should for those yet to come.

Nigel Farage is only man who tells it as it really is. Go for their throats Nigel!

Both speakers are showing, that governments are nor the solution - they ARE the problem. USA and Europe is systematically destroyed by EU and Fed Reserve and manipulated US presidents.

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