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The biggest deception ever!

The Bible does not predict any of this!

Watch that film!

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Anunnaki and Illuminati at War NOW

Operation Human Freedom: Planetary Regime Change
TRANSCRIPT"...a number of things that I've heard from people in the Pentagon...that the
buzz word...the secret of the that the Sumerian gods are
returning...and that's what they're referring to, is that whole area that appears there..."
[pointing to Middle East on world map]

"Wow...can you repeat that again, just in case anybody missed it? The buzz word in...?

"Well, in the Pentagon, you know, in the military circles that are in the know about

the cover-up here...the...they kind of in whispered tones talk about the 'return of the
Sumerian gods', and they're talking about the...what we would call 'aliens' or 'fallen
angels' returning to the middle East, into the old Sumer area."

"The Anunnaki."

The gods are returning, not invading.

They have started with a trickle of both random and carefully planned mass sightings.

Soon the "event" will be upon us, and the Anunnaki will be returning en masse. We will meet
our makers, we will meet our ancestors and the world will wake from the dream of
orphanage to remember our parents, our guardians. These are not invaders. They have been
coming here long before we existed and they are truly benevolent, unlike what television
and movies program us to believe.

They exist. The elite humans of earth are not faking the existence of UFO's and

aliens. However, their aim is to manipulate us to fear and hate the returning Gods rather
than embrace them for who they truly are: our saviors.

For they will destroy the New World Order, as the gods oppose deception, they will come and

destroy key military bases, especially underground bases and the elite-controlled
earth governments will declare that we are being invaded, and that we are being warred upon.

But the truth is, that it will be the insidious international bankers who are being

warred upon, and all of their puppet governments destroyed.

The power elite will be completely annihilated, and the meek - people like us - will

inherit the earth.

The Anunnaki are systematically disarming, disabling, deactivating, and destroying nuclear

weapons of all sorts around the world. They even began nuking underground bases on September
26, 2011, producing effects on the surface that are earthquake-like. These beings are here
to take the power from the New World Order elite and give it back to mankind.

FEMA plays a vital role in the New World Order. When the gods return, there will

be confusion, death, and destruction, and possibly extinction-level ecological disasters.
This is why FEMA has been preparing coffins and detention camps for U.S. citizens and
why FEMA has clearly been preparing for the declaration of martial law. This is also why FEMA
is training for a so-called "alien invasion". And when the gods begin their decent, FEMA
will have you believe that Earth is being invaded by hostile extraterrestrials and that FEMA
has your best interests at heart. But these are not invaders; they are our saviors.
And FEMA, rather than developing a strategy to help you, have already made your coffins.

The "false flag alien invasion theory" is itself a PSYOP. There will be no false

flag alien/UFO invasion. The worldly powers that be want you to think that they've planned
a staged extraterrestrial invasion because, unlike the unawakened masses, you can't be
fooled into thinking that hostile aliens are invading when the Elohim return. But the Elohim
are real, and they are not invaders. Their leader is the Almighty and One True Elohim, Our
Lord YHVH.

The Anunnaki are not reptilians. Not a single reptilian reference can be found in a

single Sumerian text. After all, they made mankind in their image. The An unnaki are
mammalian primates, they are humanoid. Humans look like smaller versions of the Anunnaki.
From our perspective, they are giants. Humans and Anunnaki are both homo sapiens,
just different biotypes.

Besides their evolved intelligence and psychic abilities, only a few superficial

details differentiate the Anunnaki from humans in their appearance. Anunnaki males have a
much greater natural musculature, and females are all very voluptuously full-figured.
Because humans are hybrids of the Anunnaki and the much thinner hominids who had
already evolved here on earth once the Anunnaki had arrived, our physique is
generally representative of amalgam of the two. Human use of steroids, breast implants,
collagen and fat injections and other modifications are unconscious attempts to more
emulate the image of the gods.

Another minor detail, which is little known but can be archeologically proven, is that

the Anunnaki have six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot, a total of 12
digits, which is reflected by their numeric system. Gilgamesh, who was half god, is
portrayed in an ancient carving with 12 fingers and 12 toes. It was recorded in the Torah
that Goliath, an Anunnaki rebel, had 12 fingers and 12 toes and was 12 feet and 9 inches

Because of its distance from the sun, Nibiru is mostly lit from the inside out by its

glowing core that is warm, dying ember, the light from which shines out of openings in the
ocean floor and up through the sea, lighting the planet with a dim red glow. Because of the
solar conditions on their home world, the Anunnaki did not evolve any melanin in their
bodies. They are albinos. The ancients recorded that the gods considered pleating their hair
and beards a necessity, as their pigmentless hair was what we would call "kinky".

So the Anunnaki are not reptilian. And as a matter of fact, although there is much

evidence to support the existence of the Anunnaki giants, there is to date absolutely no
evidence, circumstantial or otherwise, for the existence of reptilian shape shifters at all.
This is because reptilian shape shifters do not exist. They are a creation of the CIA.

The gods are our parents, they are our ancestors. Have you seen their glorious sky

chariots in on the news? Their ships are appearing everywhere, all the time. They mean us no
harm. Our governments fear them. The evil power structure here on earth fears them. The
wicked always fear the righteous. And the wicked occultist banksters want you to resist and
fight the Anunnaki by convincing you that they are invaders. There are no shapeshifting
lizard people in those UFOs. There are friendly albino giants arrayed in ancient attire
inside there, and they weep for mankind, who has been taken hostage by a handful of so-
called "illuminated" men who rule the world psychopathically. The Anunnaki did not teach man
to order the world in this way. Their planet is close, and their ships are in orbit at this
very moment, preparing to free humanity.

Using clearly identifiable symbols that are Sumerian in origin, the circle makers

have identified the planet of their origin, who they are, and possibly an indication of what
we can expect when they return to Earth. Crop circles are a notification system, telling of
the return-to-Earth of the Anunnaki, and of their particular interests and ancient concerns,
such as genetics, spirituality, sacred geometry, and mining. They have also exposed and
warned of the alien Greys who joined forces with the evil human power elite in 1947.

In the ancient Sumerian texts, it is EN.LIL who, having been strongly against the

creation of human slaves, believes it to be fate that mankind be destroyed by the
approaching calamity, as mankind was an unnatural abomination created for unethical
purposes. In the biblical version (chapter 6 of Genesis), it is YHVH who voices his
unhappiness with Mankind and makes the decision to wipe Mankind off the face of the Earth. In
the tale's conclusion, as Ziusudra/Utnapishtim offers sacrifices on Mount Ararat, it
is EN.LIL who is attracted by the pleasant smell of roasting meat and accepts the survival
of Mankind, forgives EN.KI for breaking his vow, and blesses Ziusudra and his wife.
In Genesis, it is to YHVH that Noah builds an altar and sacrifices animals on it, and it
was YHVH "who smelled the pleasant aroma." EN.LIL, whose name means "Lord of the Command”,
was leader of the Anunnaki who were on Earth. It was a situation that corresponds to the
statement in Psalms 97:9

:For thou, O YHVH, art supreme over the whole Earth; most supreme art Thou over all the


The elevation of EN.LIL to this status is described in the Atra-Hasis Epic in the

introductory verses, prior to the mutiny of the gold-mining Anunnaki: Anu, their father, was
the ruler; Their commander was the hero EN.LIL. Their warrior was Ninurta; Their provider was
MAR.DUK. They all clasped hands together, cast lots and divided: Anu ascended to heaven; The
Earth to EN.LIL was made subject.

The bounded realm of the sea to princely EN.KI they had given. After Anu had gone up to

heaven, EN.KI went down to the Apsu. After Anu, the ruler on Nibiru, returned to Nibiru
after visiting Earth, it was EN.LIL who summoned and resided over the council of the Great
Anunnaki whenever major decisions had to be made.

At various times of crucial decisions - such as to create The Adam, to divide the Earth

into four regions, to institute Kingship as both buffer and liaison between the Anunnaki
gods and Mankind, as well as in times of crisis between the Anunnaki themselves, when their
rivalries erupted into wars and even use of nuclear weapons - "The Anunnaki decree the fates
sat exchanging their counsels." Typical was the manner in which one discussion is described
in part: "EN.KI addressed to EN.LIL words of lauding:

O one who is foremost among the brothers,

Bull of Heaven, who the fate of Mankind holds.

But EN.LIL would always turn to each member of the Council to let him or her have a say.

The monotheistic Bible lapses several times into describing YHVH in like manner, chairingan

assembly of lesser deities, usually called Bnei-elim - "sons of gods." The Book of Job
begins its tale of the suffering of a righteous man by describing how the test of his faith
in God was the result of a suggestion made by Satan "one day, when the sons of the
Elohim came to present themselves before YHVH." "The Lord stands in the assembly of the
gods, among the Elohim He judges," we read in Psalms 82:1. "Give unto YHVH, o sons of
gods, give unto YHVH glory and might," Psalms 29:1 stated, "bow to YHVH, majestic
in holiness." The requirement that even the "sons of the gods" bow to the Lord paralleled
the Sumerian description of the status of EN.LIL as the Commander in Chief: "The
Anunnaki humble themselves before him, the Igigi bow down willingly before him; they stand
by faithfully for the instructions.

"It is an image of EN.LIL that matches the exaltation in the Song of Miriam after

the miraculous crossing of the Sea of Reeds:

Who is like thee among the gods, YHVH? Who is like thee mighty in holiness, awesome in

praises, the maker of miracles?(Exodus 15:11).

As far as personal characters were concerned, EN.KI, the fashioner of Mankind who created

humans to be slaves, was hedonistic and morally lax, as he delighted in promiscuity and
merry making. EN.LIL was righteous, upstanding, and ethically uncompromising, un hesitant to
mete out punishments when punishment was due. He viewed adversely the intermarriage between
Nefilim and the "daughters of Man." When the evils of Mankind became overbearing, he was
willing to see it perish by the Deluge, ashe perceived the morally deficient humans as
being genetic abominations. His strictness with other Anunnaki, even his own offspring, was
illustrated when his son Nannar (the Moon god Sin) lamented the imminent desolation of his
city Ur by the deathly nuclear cloud wafting from the Sinai.

Harshly EN.LIL told him: "Ur was indeed granted Kingship; but an everlasting reign it was

not granted." EN.LIL's character had at the same time another side, a rewarding one. When
the people carried out their tasks, when they were forthright and god-fearing, EN.LIL on his
part saw to the needs of all, assured the land's and the people's well being and prosperity.
The Sumerians lovingly called him "Father EN.LIL" and "Shepherd of the teeming multitudes."

A Hymn to EN.LIL, the All-Beneficent stated that without him "no cities would be built, no

settlements founded; no stalls would be built, no sheepfolds erected; no king would
be raised, no high priest born." The last statement recalled the fact that it was EN.LIL who
had to approve the choice of kings, and by whom the line of Priesthood extended from
the sacred precinct of the "cult center" Nippur. These two characteristics of EN.LIL -
strictness and punishment for transgressions, benevolence and protection when merited - are
similar to how YHVH has been pictured in the Bible. YHVH can bless and YHVH can accurse, the
Book of Deuteronomy explicitly states (11:26). If the divine commandments shall be followed,
the people and their offspring shall be blessed, their crops shall be plentiful, their
livestock shall multiply, their enemies shall be defeated, they shall be successful in
whatever trade they choose; but if they forsake YHVH and his commandments, they, their homes
and their fields shall be accursed and shall suffer afflictions, losses, deprivations, and
famines (Deuteronomy 28). "YHVH thy Elohim is a merciful God," Deuteronomy 4:31 stated; He
is a vengeful God, the same Deuteronomy stated a chapter later (5:9) . . .

It was YHVH who determined who shall be the priests; it was He who stated the rules for

Kingship (Deuteronomy 17:16) and made clear that it will be He who chooses the king - as
indeed was the case centuries after the Exodus, beginning with the selection of Saul and

In all that, YHVH and EN.LIL emulated each other. Significant, too, for such a

comparison was the importance of the numbers seven and fifty. They are not physiologically
obvious numbers (we do not have seven fingers on a hand), nor does their combination fit
natural phenomena (7 x 50 is 350, not the 365.25 days of a solar year). The "week" of seven
days approximates the length of a lunar month (about 28.5 days) when multiplied by four,
but where does the four come from? Yet the Bible introduced the count of seven, and
the sanctity of the seventh day as the sacred Sabbath, from the very beginning of divine
activity. The accursation of Cain was to last through seven times seven generations;
Jerichowas to be circled seven times so that its walls would fall down; many of the
priestly rites were required to be repeated seven times, or to last seven days. Of a more
lasting commandment, the New Year Festival was deliberately shifted from the first month
Nisan to the seventh month Tishrei and the principal holidays were to last seven days.
The number fifty was the principal numerical feature in the construction and equipping of
the Ark of the Covenant and the Tabernacle and an important element in the future
Temple envisioned by Ezekiel. It was a calendrical count of days in priestly rites; Abraham
persuaded the Lord to spare Sodom if fifty just men would be found there. More important, a
major social and economic concept of a Jubilee Year in which slaves would be set free, real
property would revert to its sellers and so on, was instituted. It was to be the
fiftieth year: "Ye shall hallow the fiftieth year and proclaim freedom throughout the land,"
was the commandment in Leviticus chapter 25.

Both numbers, seven and fifty, were associated in Mesopotamia with EN.LIL. He was "the god

who is seven" because, as the highest-ranking Anunnaki leader on Earth, he was in command of
the planet which was the seventh planet. And in the numerical hierarchy of the Anunnaki, in
which Anu held the highest numeral 60,EN.LIL (as his intended successor on Nibiru) held the
numerical rank of fifty (EN.KI's numerical rank was forty). Significantly, when MAR.DUK took
over the supremacy on Earth circa 2000 B.C., one of the measures taken to signify his
ascendancy was to grant him fifty names, signifying his assumption of the Rank of Fifty. The
similarities between YHVH and EN.LIL extend to other aspects. Though he might have been
depicted on cylinder seals (which is not certain, since the representation might have been
of his son Ninurta), he was by and large an unseen god, ensconced in the innermost chambers
of his ziggurat or altogether away from Sumer. In a telltale passage in the Hymn to EN.LIL,
the All-Beneficent it is thus said of him:

When in his awesomeness he decrees the fates, no god dares look at him; Only to his exalted

emissary, Nusku, the command, the word that is in his heart, does he make known.

“No man can see me and live“, YHVH told Moses in a similar vein; and His words

and commandments were known through Emissaries and Prophets. Abraham's forefathers were
Enlilites - their god was EN.LIL. YHVH's chosen people were the ones who were already
worshiping him; EN.LIL, the wisest of the gods, simply reinvented himself as YHVH for
Mankind's benefit.

You may know him as Jesus, a perversion of his name, but his name is Yahushua. You may have

been told that he never existed. These are lies planted by intelligence agencies controlled
by the New World Order elite. Not only did he walk the face of this earth, but he is still
physically alive today.

His father is YHVH, who came down from heaven. But heaven is not another dimension, itis a

planet. The ancient Sumerians called it Nibiru. And they called our Lord YHVH by the name
Enlil. He is the mightiest god, He is the wisest god. And He is the only god who
has humanity's best interests at heart. This is why YHVH artificially inseminated Mary
with one of His glorified sperm - to give mankind Yahushua the Messiah, our demigod savior.

Since Yahushua the Christ is half god and half man, he is a symbolic and official link

between YHVH and humankind. The Messiah is also our salvation in both the spiritual sense
and in a worldly sense, as he taught us love and righteousness by his teachings and example
and also will soon return to destroy the evil New World Order and save the human race from
the wicked clutches of the satanic human elite. If you do not like the term Anunnaki to
describe YHVH or if you do not like the term demigod or half-god to describe Yahushua our
Savior, then realize that these are only words. The heart of the matter is that Yahushua is
the genetic offspring of the One True God, and that YHVH brought His Son Yahushua into the
world and sacrificed His only begotten half-human son on a cross because He loves mankind
and wants to guide our species. Both Father and Son are real living physical beings and will
return very soon

The "false flag alien invasion theory" is itself a PSYOP. There will be no false

flag alien/UFO invasion. The worldly powers that be want you to think that they've planned
a staged extraterrestrial invasion because, unlike the unawakened masses, you can't be
fooled into thinking that hostile aliens are invading when the Elohim return. But the Elohim
are real, and they are not invaders.

Their leader is the Almighty and One True Elohim, Our Lord YHVH. He and His risen

and glorified Son Yahushua Ha Mashiac, Our Savior, King of the Jews and King of Earth are our
only hope against the human elite's evil New World Order. Yahushua will soon return in a sky
chariot that glows like fire to save us from the tyranny of this New World
Order. Thereafter, the Elohim YHVH (known by the ancient Sumerians as EN.LIL), will
instate Yahushua as King of Earth.

These are a few of the power elite, the amoral human descendents of MAR.DUK and the Igigi,

the Anunnaki rebels (aka "fallen angels") who took human wives. Unlike his uncle EN.LIL
(later known by the Israelites as YHVH), MAR.DUK was a genetic expression of pure evil,
and the Igigi (lower-class gold miners who were later replaced by human slaves) were of the
worst genetic stock of the gods. These moral and genetic degenerates bred with humans, and,
thousands of years later, long after these outlaw "white trash" gods have perished, their
descendents (whose lineage was eventually watered down with human blood and limited by
insidious and botched inbreeding so that they are now no more demigod like than the common
masses) are heir to the illegal occupation of planet earth...for now.

Praise be to EN.LIL, the most powerful, the Elohim of Abraham and his forefathers

Praise be to YHVH, the only god with recognized and rightful power on Earth
Praise be to EN.LIL, the only god who opposed the creation of human slaves
Praise be to YHVH, who at first willed us to perish as we are abominations
Praise be to EN.LIL, who repented and recognized that we are meant to be
Praise be to YHVH, who, influenced us with morality rather than hedonism
Praise be to EN.LIL, the only god who chose to help mankind rather than use us
Praise be to YHVH, who never required more from man than He did Himself
Praise be to EN.LIL, the god who gave His only begotten demigod son, Yahushua
Praise be to YHVH, Lord of Earth, rightful heir to the throne of Nibiru.


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How things are done....

Why Is President Obama Keeping a Journalist in Prison in Yemen? 


 Via Jeremy Scahill of The Nation: "On February 2, 2011, President Obama called Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh. The two discussed counterterrorism cooperation and the battle against Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. At the end of the call, according to a White House read-out, Obama "expressed concern" over the release of a man named Abdulelah Haider Shaye, whom Obama said "had been sentenced to five years in prison for his association with AQAP." It turned out that Shaye had not yet been released at the time of the call, but Saleh did have a pardon for him prepared and was ready to sign it. It would not have been unusual for the White House to express concern about Yemen's allowing AQAP suspects to go free. Suspicious prison breaks of Islamist militants in Yemen had been a regular occurrence over the past decade, and Saleh has been known to exploit the threat of terrorism to leverage counterterrorism dollars from the United States. But this case was different. Abdulelah Haider Shaye is not an Islamist militant or an Al Qaeda operative. He is a journalist...".* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.


Jon Gress Anunnaki Movie Trailer that TPTB, prevented you from

Pro UFO/Anunnaki/(Demons) propaganda is accelerating!

To arouse your curiosity they are pretending, that  they don't want you to see that film!

I can assure you - you will see it - sooner or later! :-)

That's a very smart deception! 

Don't fall for it! :-)




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Today's Modern Food: It's not what you think

This video examines the truth about our Nation's (USA) food supply. The food we buy today is the product of a business who's more concerned about their own profits than their customers health and the government regulators are looking out for the interests of the businesses rather than the American people's well being. The complete script for this video, as well as all the links to the articles, websites and videos in this presentation are available here:

 Part 2.

In Australia we have similar problems in big cities.

Government Explained

An inquisitive alien visits the planet to check on our progress as a species, and gets into a conversation with the first person he meets. The alien discovers that we live under the rule of a thing called "government", and wants to understand more about what "government" is, what it does, and why it exists.

Produced and voiced by Graham Wright, based on part of the talk by Larken Rose at the Free Your Mind Conference 2011, which can be found here:

Just brilliant! (Not the government - of course! ;-) )

Imminent Televised Event: Mass Arrests of 10,000 Global Cabal Members - 2012


Some comments from GLP.

"This video is most likely MISLEADING, but there is enough semblance of TRUTH to warrant a probable future timeline involving the contents of this video."

"But the most alarming group mentioned is the WHITE DRAGON SOCIETY, which I've heard of from Ben Fulford whom didn't mention them being the new ET group on the block. From what I understand, the WDS are a group of ANUNAKI..."


"We all know something is going on:

1. Conspiracy sites allude to it.

2. Televangelists all preaching the end times are here or Jesus's return is imminent.

3. Every other religion's timing is coming to the 'end times' in one way or another.

4. WWIII is imminent.

5. The world's economy is failing worse then the Great Depression.

6. The UN is usurping power from all countries.

7. Natural disasters and the sun are acting up at an all time rate.

8. The population is higher then anytime we know of in history. Modern technology can not only bring instant communication, but also Blue Beam, RFID, tracking and elimination of the planet so easily- also faking anything you see and hear*!

One thing is certain about your post: If there is an arrest of 1k's of these 'Cabalists' as you put it, then that would certainly give credence to the Omen movies(and other AC movies). How? Didn't they entail the evil child being adopted by the rich, empowered by them, and protected by demons? Well then they have him also deposing of them to gain the power to rule the world. So even if religions are man made or god's plan- the script is being played out quite perfectly. I would want to have these people that played humanity on every level disposed of, but at what price? The 'devil' gaining Christ-like abilities alone w/the world's finances, military and governments in his grasp(a human Pharaoh or fallen angel)is the last thing i would want. And yet, it's all happening!"


It does not make a sense. Mainly, because media a part of that 'fix'.

[b]But... the media are the problem in the first place![/b]

IMHO that's another deception, but it could be a huge step towards world luciferianism.

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Watch these films...

This video, it's short and very much to the point in showing us how dangerous these people are!

Watch this video clip it is done by CBN Australia, it is a very honest account and it shows their leaders in their own words saying things which show clearly why this religion should not be allowed into the West ... at ALL.

"We want to have children and offer them as soldiers defending Islam"

After a woman in Australia was gang raped by Muslims this comment was made.

"Woman deserve to be raped if they don't cover their heads, as they are uncovered meat."

"The most dishonest unjust people are Western people and the English in particular."

Sura 3 verse 28 "A Muslim shall not befriend a non Muslim."

It further says "If they befriend a non Muslim, Allah will cut them off from himself."

Sura 98 verse 6 says "People of the book that means Jews, Christians are the most evil of all creatures."

This is yet another good video which shows Islam for the Supremacist war like cult, that it really is.

The Muslim faith has nothing to do with peace and love, it has to do with war and concurring other nations and always has.

It is not racist to oppose Islam, as it is not a race and neither is it a religion.

This next video is also good for showing us the dangers of Islam.

How Islam is Taking Over The World: Islamization Explained 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Researchers show influence of nanoparticles on nutrient absorption

Nanoparticles are everywhere. From cosmetics and clothes, to soda and snacks. But as versatile as they are, nanoparticles also have a downside, say researchers at Binghamton University and Cornell University in a recent paper published in the journal Nature Nanotechnology. These tiny particles, even in low doses, could have a big impact on our long-term health.

Source -

According to lead author of the article, Gretchen Mahler, assistant professor of  at Binghamton University, much of the existing research on the safety of nanoparticles has been on the direct . But what Mahler, Michael L. Shuler of Cornell University and a team of researchers really wanted to know was what happens when someone gets constant exposure in small doses – the kind you'd get if you were taken a drug or supplement that included nanoparticles in some form.
"We thought that the best way to measure the more subtle effects of this kind of intake was to monitor the reaction of intestinal cells," said Mahler. "And we did this in two ways – in vitro, through human intestinal-lining cells that we had cultured in the lab; and in vivo, through the intestinal linings of live chickens. Both sets of results pointed to the same thing – that exposure to nanoparticles influences the absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream."
The uptake of iron, an essential nutrient, was of particular interest due to the way it is absorbed and processed through the intestines. The way Mahler and the team tested this was to use polystyrene nanoparticles because of its easily traceable fluorescent properties.
"What we found was that for brief exposures, iron absorption dropped by about 50 percent," said Mahler. "But when we extended that period of time, absorption actually increased by about 200 percent. It was very clear – nanoparticles definitely affects iron uptake and transport."
While acute oral exposure caused disruptions to intestinal iron transport, chronic exposure caused a remodeling of the intestinal villi – the tiny, finger-like projections that are vital to the intestine's ability to absorb nutrients – making them larger and broader, thus allowing iron to enter the bloodstream much faster.
"The intestinal cells are a gateway that ingested nanoparticles must go through to get to the body," said Mahler. "We monitored iron absorption both in vivo and in vitro and found that the polystyrene nanoparticles affected the absorption process and caused a physiological response."
The next step for Mahler and the team is to take a look at whether similar disruptions in nutrient  could be possible in other inorganic elements such as calcium, copper and zinc. Also on the research agenda is the reaction of other nutrients such as fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. And chickens and their intestines will definitely be part of this next phase of thestudy.
"The gastrointestinal tract of chickens have very similar features to that of humans," said Mahler. "We can learn a great deal from the way chicken tissue works which means we can make better predictions about how humans will react."
And humans certainly consume enough  – about 100 trillion of them every day. Their ultra-small size and amazing qualities makes them increasingly common in food and pharmaceutical products. Although the impact of chronic exposure remains somewhat unknown, the ingestion of dietary particles is thought to promote a range of diseases, including Crohn's disease. With so many nanomaterials under development and with so much yet to be learned about nanoparticle toxicity and potential human tissue reactivity, Mahler and the team are hoping that their work, particularly the in vitro model, will provide an effective low-cost screening tool.
Provided by Binghamton University

Nanotechnology – the new threat to food

Source -

Following on from genetic engineering, nanotechnology represents the latest high technology attempt to infiltrate our food supply. Senior scientists have warned that nanotechnology, the manipulation of matter at the scale of atoms and molecules, introduces serious new risks to human and environmental health. Yet in the absence of public debate, or oversight from regulators, unlabelled foods manufactured using nanotechnology have begun to appear on our supermarket shelves.
Around the world there is an increase in interest in our food, health and environment. Where are products produced, how, why, by whom, how far have they travelled, how long have they been stored etc. The organic and local food movements have emerged as an intuitive and practical response to the increasing use of chemicals in food production, and to the growing alienation of industrial agribusiness from holistic agricultural systems. People have chosen to eat organic foods because they care about the health of their families and the health of the environment. Organic agriculture also enables people to support integrated, environmentally friendly agriculture, and appropriate technology, rather than chemical-intensive factory farming.
Support for organics has also grown as a direct response to biotechnology giants’ efforts to genetically engineer our foodcrops. Farmers and food buyers around the world were, and continue to be, enraged by the introduction of genetically engineered food crops. For many, the inevitable conclusion was that whereas the biotechnology companies stood to benefit from the entry of genetically engineered foods into the food chain, consumers, farmers and the environment shouldered all the risks.
Now, nanotechnology introduces a new wave of assaults on our foods. Nanotechnology is the high technology, atomically processed antithesis to organic agriculture, which values the natural health-giving properties of fresh, unprocessed wholefoods. It further transforms the farm into an automated extension of the high technology factory production line, using patented products that will inevitably concentrate corporate control. It also introduces serious new risks for human health and the environment.
Introduction to nanotechnology – what is it, why is it different
Nanotechnology is a powerful new technology for taking apart and reconstructing nature at the atomic and molecular level. Nanotechnology embodies the dream that scientists can remake the world from the atom up, using atomic level manipulation to transform and construct a wide range of new materials, devices, living organisms and technological systems.
Nanotechnology and nanoscience involve the study of phenomena and materials, and the manipulation of structures, devices and systems that exist at the nanoscale, <100 nanometres (nm) in size. To put 100nm in context: a strand of DNA is 2.5nm wide, a protein molecule is 5nm, a red blood cell 7,000 nm and a human hair is 80, 000 nm wide.
The properties of nanoparticles are not governed by the same physical laws as larger particles, but by quantum mechanics. The physical and chemical properties of nanoparticles – for example, colour, solubility, strength, chemical reactivity and toxicity - can therefore be quite different from those of larger particles of the same substance.
The altered properties of nanoparticles have created the possibility for many new profitable products and applications. Engineered nanoparticles are used in literally hundreds of products that are already available on supermarket shelves – including transparent sunscreens, light-diffracting cosmetics, penetration enhanced moisturisers, stain and odour repellent fabrics, dirt repellent coatings, long lasting paints and furniture varnishes, and even some food products.
The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Centre for Technology Foresight has predicted that nanotechnology will revolutionise all aspects of our economy and all aspects of society, with associated large-scale social upheaval.
How will nanotechnology be used for food production and processing?
Industry analysts and proponents predict that nanotechnology will be used to transform food from the atom up: “Thanks to nanotechnology, tomorrow’s food will be designed by shaping molecules and atoms. Food will be wrapped in “smart” safety packaging that can detect spoilage or harmful contaminants. Future products will enhance and adjust their color, flavor, or nutrient content to accommodate each consumer’s taste or health needs. And in agriculture, nanotechnology promises to reduce pesticide use, improve plant and animal breeding, and create new nano-bioindustrial products” – or so states the US Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies’ recent report on the use of nanotechnology in food and agriculture (available at
The food and agriculture industries have been investing billions of dollars into nanotechnology research, with an unknown number of unlabeled nano food products already on the market. In the absence of mandatory product labelling anywhere in the world, it is impossible to tell how many commercial food products now contain nano ingredients. The Helmut Kaiser Consultancy Group, a pro-nanotechnology analyst, suggests that there are now over 300 nano food products available on the market worldwide. It estimates that the global nano food market was worth US$5.3 billion in 2005 and will rise to US$20.4 billion by 2010. It predicts that nanotechnology will be used in 40% of the food industries by 2015.
There are four key focus areas for nanotechnology food research:
• Nano-modification of seed and fertilisers/ pesticides
• Food ‘fortification’ and modification
• Interactive ‘smart’ food
• ‘Smart’ packaging and food tracking
Nano-modification of seed and fertilisers/ pesticides
Proponents say that nanotechnology will be used to further automate the modern agribusiness unit. All farm inputs – seeds, fertilisers, pesticides and labour – will become increasingly technologically modified. Nanotechnology will take the genetic engineering of agriculture to the next level down – atomic engineering. Atomic engineering could enable the DNA of seeds to be rearranged in order to obtain different plant properties including colour, growth season, yield etc. Highly potent atomically engineered fertilisers and pesticides will be used to maintain plant growth. Nano-sensors will enable plant growth, pH levels, the presence of nutrients, moisture, pests or disease to be monitored from far away, significantly reducing the need for on-farm labour inputs. The concerned organisation, The Action Group on Erosion, Technology and Concentration (ETC) warns in its seminal report “Down on the Farm” (available at, in a nanotechnology shaped future, “the farm will be a wide area biofactory that can be monitored and managed from a laptop and food will be crafted from designer substances delivering nutrients efficiently to the body”.
Food ‘fortification’ and modification
Nanotech companies are working to fortify processed food with nano-encapsulated nutrients, its appearance and taste boosted by nano-developed colours, its fat and sugar content removed or disabled by nano-modification, and ‘mouth feel’ improved. Food ‘fortification’ will be used to increase the nutritional claims that can be made about a given processed food – for example the inclusion of ‘medically beneficial’ nano-capsules will soon enable chocolate chip cookies or hot chips to be marketed as health promoting or artery cleansing. Nanotechnology will also enable junk foods like ice cream and chocolate to be modified to reduce the amount of fats and sugars that the body can absorb. This could happen either by replacing some of the fats and sugars with other substances, or by using nanoparticles to prevent the body from digesting or absorbing these components of the food. In this way, the nano industry could market vitamin and fibre-fortified, fat and sugar-blocked junk food as health promoting and weight reducing.
Interactive ‘smart’ food
Companies such as Kraft and Nestlé are designing ‘smart’ foods that will interact with consumers to ‘personalise’ food, changing colour, flavour or nutrients on demand. Kraft is developing a clear tasteless drink that contains hundreds of flavours in latent nanocapsules. A domestic microwave could be used to trigger release of the colour, flavour, concentration and texture of the individual’s choice. ‘Smart’ foods could also sense when an individual was allergic to a food’s ingredients, and block the offending ingredient. Or alternatively, ‘smart’ packaging could release a dose of additional nutrients to those which it identifies as having special dietary needs, for example calcium molecules to people suffering from osteoporosis.
‘Smart’ packaging and food tracking
Nanotechnology will dramatically extend food shelf life. Mars Inc. already has a patent on an invisible, edible, nano wrapper which will envelope foods, preventing gas and moisture exchange. ‘Smart’ packaging (containing nano-sensors and anti-microbial activators) is being developed that will be capable of detecting food spoilage and releasing nano-anti-microbes to extend food shelf life, enabling supermarkets to keep food for even greater periods before its sale. Nano-sensors, embedded into food products as tiny chips that were invisible to the human eye, would also act as electronic barcodes. They would emit a signal that would allow food, including fresh food, to be tracked from paddock to factory to supermarket and beyond.
What are the key concerns about nanotechnology in food and agriculture?
Concerns about the use of nanotechnology in agriculture and food production relate to the further automation and alienation of food production, serious new toxicity risks for humans and the environment, and the further loss of privacy as nano surveillance tracks each step in the food chain. The failure of governments to introduce laws to protect the public and the environment from nanotechnology’s risks is a most serious concern.
Nanotechnology in agriculture is based on the premise that we can improve efficiency and productivity by rearranging atoms in seeds, by developing even more potent chemical inputs, by using high technology surveillance to allow electronic, rather than person-based surveillance of on-farm conditions, and by further automating inputs to plant growth. Applications of nanotechnology to food processing assume that humans can ‘improve’ the taste, texture, appearance, nutritional content and longevity of food by manipulating it at the atomic level. It has even been argued that this will result in food that is ‘safer’.
These assumptions are based on a flawed belief that humans can remake the natural world from the atom up – and get a better result. It assumes that we can predict the consequences of our actions, even when we are dealing with highly unpredictable processes and forces – such as quantum mechanics. Unfortunately, history tells us that we are simply not very good at predicting the outcomes of complex systems – witness the disasters that resulted from the introduction of biological controls such as the Cane Toad, or the introduction of rabbits and foxes for sport. History is similarly littered with examples of huge health and environmental problems that resulted from the failure to respond to early warning signs about previous perceived “wonder” materials such as CFCs, DDT and asbestos. This suggests that we should take the early warning signs associated with the toxicity of nanoparticles very seriously.
There is a small but growing body of toxicological literature that suggests that nanoparticles are more reactive, more mobile, and more likely than larger particles to be toxic to humans and the environment. Preliminary scientific research has shown that many types of nanoparticles can result in increased oxidative stress which can result in the formation of free radicals that can lead to cancer, DNA mutation and even cell death. Fullerenes, carbon nanoparticles, have been found to cause brain damage in largemouth bass, a species accepted by regulatory agencies as a model for defining ecotoxicological effects.
In its 2004 report, the United Kingdom’s Royal Society recognised the serious risks of nanotoxicity and recommended that “ingredients in the form of nanoparticles should undergo a full safety assessment by the relevant scientific advisory body before they are permitted for use in products”. Despite this warning, two years after the Royal Society’s report, there are still no laws governing the use of nanomaterials in consumer products to ensure that they do not cause harm to the public using them, the workers producing them, or the environmental systems in which waste nanoproducts are released.
The use of nano-surveillance in food packaging will also introduce new privacy concerns. As the food industry’s use of nano-tracking increases, it will gain the capacity to track the movement of food from the paddock, to the factory, to the supermarket and to your dinner plate. This will raise serious new privacy issues for which we are poorly prepared.
Alarmingly, despite the release into supermarkets and into the environment of nano food and agriculture products, governments world wide have yet to introduce any regulation to manage nanotechnology’s risks.
The struggle for a healthy food future - what are the alternatives to nanotechnology?
What will our food and technological future look like? We are in an epic battle for control of our food supply. Corporate or community ownership, global or local, small versus massive, processed versus wholesome. These are the paradigms that we need to choose between. A key way to promote healthy, holistic agriculture is to support it with our purchasing choices. Certified organic foods offer you better health, a better environment and a way for you to support a nano-free food future. With personal care products, buy organic or from a company that states they do not use nanotechnology.
There are many ways to help create a healthy food future. Shop at a farmers market or buy from a box scheme direct from a farmer, buy from an organic store or from the organic section in a supermarket. Consider joining a community garden, or starting a garden of your own. Start an organic kitchen garden at your pre school or school. Read product labels, get involved and interested. Talk to your friends and family about the food issues that matter most to you. Let companies know through their 1800 feedback lines that you are concerned about the use of nanotechnology in their products. Tell your local member of parliament that you want to see products that contain engineered nano ingredients labelled to allow you to make an informed purchasing choice.
It is exciting to see food politics debated by our mainstream media and our research and education institutions. However while there are already unlabelled food products that contain engineered nano ingredients available in our supermarkets, nanotechnology is only just starting to gain some attention. There are no regulations in place to protect public and environmental health, and almost no corporate or public monies being spent looking at the long-term consequences of manipulating our food at the atomic level. The similarity to the introduction of genetic engineering with the added risk that there is no regulatory oversight is chilling.
We must all get politically active on nanotechnology just as we did with genetic engineering. It is essential that we get moratoria enacted on the use of nanotechnology until we have regulatory systems in place to protect human and environmental health, and until we have genuine public involvement in decision making regarding nanotechnology’s introduction. We must also ensure our Governments put our hard-earned taxpayer dollars into support for the organic sector.
Together, we can create a healthy food future that delivers to our community not corporate profits.
By Georgia Miller, Coordinator of the Friends of the Earth Nanotechnology Project and Scott Kinnear, board member of Biological Farmers of Australia and owner of Organic Wholefoods.

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