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Australian Tsunami & USA Coast may be hit in a matter of hours

August 7, 2012 – You might remember the man who apparently predicted the Japanese earthquake and tsunami: Mitchell Combes? Story is that he posted a 104 hour countdown to the earthquake on his Facebook page and got it 100% correct. Different thoughts and ideas circulate as to whether that was a legit prediction or not.

Nonetheless he has just posted his first real prediciton since the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, and if he is correct, we are in for a massive global incident very shortly.
Coombes states he hacks into HAARP and once the HAARP personnel fire up the array, they cannot simply shut it down. In other words, once the process has begun, the exercise is a done deal. From the moment the array is fired up, says Coombes, there are approximately 104 hours before the destruction occurs and the process cannot be aborted.
Coombes maintains that he will ONLY give the 104-hour alert once the array start-up process has already begun.

Are these massive Army moves and Aug 17th prediction related?

August 7, 2012: “Ok everyone, you’ve been warned of what’s to come, we are getting extremely close to the 104 hour tsunami warning. I strongly advise that if you live on the east coast of NSW and west coast of USA, have your evacuation gear ready to go as soon as possible. I said on March 11 that California would be next after Japan’s countdown… Sydney’s earthquake will be magnitude 9.5, California’s earthquake will be magnitude 9.6, followed by two 9.4′s, all of these tsunamis will be created in the same exact hour

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TheUnhivedMind on August 12, 2012 at 3:52 am said:
If this is correct starting from the 8th August 2012 then we would be looking at the 13th August. This is the next day after the closing ceremony of the Olympics which is the day before the 33rd day of the year 2012. As you know the thirty-three symbolism is the ‘Great Work of Lucifer’ and the highest degree of the Scottish Rite with the motto ‘Ordo-Ad-Chao’. I highlighted this in a previous article about the Olympics and that the 13th of August is the Festival of Torches (Nemoralia) with the worship of the Moon Goddess who will be entering the constellation of Cancer on that very day. I strongly suggest you study the Festival of Torches and its connection to the water.
These events will be produced by nuclear weaponry or ionospheric weaponry and ordered by the City of London Corporation through its Livery merchant pirates of New Jerusalem. This will bring about major social engineering very quickly as desired by the mind benders of The City known as the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations. Disasters, war and economic collapse are the kings of social change. Make sure you are aware of the Office of Strategic Services documents on nuking seabeds to hit Japan. You do not get the P-waves given off nuclear detonation and only by genuine earthquakes. Therefore you will be able to tell if this is a nuclear or ionospheric attack.

-= The Unhived Mind


If this will happened (may not!) you will know, who have done it! 

That's why I'm posting it! 

Just check the possibility...


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