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Hitler and Bormann Were Traitors

May 13, 2011

Hitler & Bormann01.jpgHitler was the most briliant secret agent in history. Like the Pied Piper, he led a targeted people to disaster.
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

In the past, I have presented evidence 
that Martin Bormann, the man who signed Hitler's paycheck, was a Soviet i.e. Illuminati agent
but I was not sure if Hitler was Bormann's dupe or also a conscious traitor.
The testimony of General Reinhard Gehlen, chief of German intelligence gathering for Russia, suggests the latter is true.
In his memoirs, "The Service" (World Pub.1972) Gehlen says that he and Admiral Canaris, head of the Abwehr, suspected there was a traitor in the German Supreme Command. Both had noticed that the Soviets were receiving "rapid and detailed information .. on top level decision-making." 
They both suspected Martin Bormann, the Deputy Fehrer and Head of the Nazi Party.
"Our suspicions were largely confirmed when, independently of one another,  we found out that Bormann and his group were operating an unsupervised radio transmitter network and using it to send coded messages to Moscow.
When OKW monitors reported this, Canaris demanded an investigation; but word came back that Hitler himself had emphatically forbidden any intervention: he had been informed in advance of these Funkspiele, or "fake radio messages," and he had approved them" (p.71).
Despite the fact that vital information continued to leak, Gehlen and Canaris left it at that. " Neither of us was in any position to denounce the Reichsleiter [Bormann] with any prospect of success."
In his book "Hitler's Traitor" Louis Kilzer estimated that Bormann was worth fifty divisions to the Soviets.
After the war, Gehlen, who headed the BND (West German Intelligence Agency) was able to confirm Bormann's treason. "During the 1950's, I was passed two separate reports from behind the Iron Curtain to the effect that Bormann had been a Soviet agent...'
The fact that Hitler shielded Bormann confirms that he also was an active traitor. Both served the Illuminati (Masonic) bankers, i.e. the Rothschild syndicate, based in London. The Illuminati were also behind Stalin and Communism, not to mention Churchill, and FDR. 
By fabricating war, the Illuminati wage war on humanity with the ultimate goal of a veiled world government dictatorship.
Think 9-11, "The Patriot Act," the TSA.  Behind the veil of democracy and fighting terror, they are constructing a police state.    


In the winter of 1941-42, Gehlen and fellow generals had concluded that the Russian campaign was doomed "not because it could not be militarily or politically won, but because of Hitler's continued interference, that resulted in such elementary blunders that defeat was inevitable." (98)
Despite the fact that Hitler had covered for the traitor Bormann, Gehlen didn't come to the obvious deduction, that Hitler's "elementary blunders" were deliberate.
In his book, Gehlen details some of these blunders. 
The General Staff wanted to concentrate resources on capturing Moscow. Hitler insisted on dissipating the effort on three fronts.
The General Staff saw that the Soviets were going to entrap the Sixth Army at Stalingrad, and demanded a strategic withdrawal. Hitler vetoed this and 200,000 of Germany's best troops (and irreplaceable weaponry) were killed and captured. 
To replace these losses, the General Staff wanted to recruit millions of willing volunteers from anti-Communist ranks, i.e. Russians, Ukrainians, Lithuanians etc.
"After 20 years of arbitrary injustice and terror, the re-establlishment of elementary human rights such as the dignity of man, liberty, justice, and the sanctity of property united every inhabitant of the Soviet empire in a common readiness to support the Germans." (81)
The Wehrmacht began to build a nationalist regime around the charismatic Russian defector, General Vlasov.
Indeed, such an appeal was Stalin's worst nightmare, according to his son, who became a POW.
"The one thing my father dreads is the emergence of a nationalist regime opposed to him. But that is a step you'll never take." Yakov told his Nazi interrogator. "Because we know you have not set out to liberate our country but to conquer it." (80)
Stalin knew he could trust Hitler, a fellow Illuminati agent, to take a fall.  Hitler didn't even try to deceive the Slavs about his grim intentions, and instead of being welcomed, won their implacable hate.

World War Two was the most egregious hoax in history. A cult of satanic Jews and Masons, financed by the Rothschild syndicate, is responsible for destroying more than sixty million lives.  
Hitler proved by his actions that he was a traitor. He was installed by the Illuminati to destroy Germany so that it would slip neatly into the NWO.
Hitler was catastrophic for Germany. But what did the German people expect from a Viennese vagrant and male prostitute?
The parallel with Barack Obama is obvious. Like Hitler, he is not native born and has a shady homosexual past. He works for the Illuminati. His assignment is to destroy the US, so Americans too will meekly accept world government.
Hitler's example reveals the unexpected dimensions of treason. If we fail to learn the lessons of the past, we will repeat them.

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