Friday, March 16, 2012

Imminent Televised Event: Mass Arrests of 10,000 Global Cabal Members - 2012


Some comments from GLP.

"This video is most likely MISLEADING, but there is enough semblance of TRUTH to warrant a probable future timeline involving the contents of this video."

"But the most alarming group mentioned is the WHITE DRAGON SOCIETY, which I've heard of from Ben Fulford whom didn't mention them being the new ET group on the block. From what I understand, the WDS are a group of ANUNAKI..."


"We all know something is going on:

1. Conspiracy sites allude to it.

2. Televangelists all preaching the end times are here or Jesus's return is imminent.

3. Every other religion's timing is coming to the 'end times' in one way or another.

4. WWIII is imminent.

5. The world's economy is failing worse then the Great Depression.

6. The UN is usurping power from all countries.

7. Natural disasters and the sun are acting up at an all time rate.

8. The population is higher then anytime we know of in history. Modern technology can not only bring instant communication, but also Blue Beam, RFID, tracking and elimination of the planet so easily- also faking anything you see and hear*!

One thing is certain about your post: If there is an arrest of 1k's of these 'Cabalists' as you put it, then that would certainly give credence to the Omen movies(and other AC movies). How? Didn't they entail the evil child being adopted by the rich, empowered by them, and protected by demons? Well then they have him also deposing of them to gain the power to rule the world. So even if religions are man made or god's plan- the script is being played out quite perfectly. I would want to have these people that played humanity on every level disposed of, but at what price? The 'devil' gaining Christ-like abilities alone w/the world's finances, military and governments in his grasp(a human Pharaoh or fallen angel)is the last thing i would want. And yet, it's all happening!"


It does not make a sense. Mainly, because media a part of that 'fix'.

[b]But... the media are the problem in the first place![/b]

IMHO that's another deception, but it could be a huge step towards world luciferianism.

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