Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Spreading the word

A council is spending ratepayers' money to make Muslims feel more at home, by funding workers to spread the word of Islam.

Darebin Council in Melbourne's north is doing the hiring, using a grant from the Federal Attorney General Rober McClelland's Counter Violent Extremism Fund.
The successful applicant will be paid $66,000 a year.
As a ratepayer Vicki Janson says the community was never consulted, and as the Deputy President of the Q Society - a group concerned with the Islamification of Australia - she's outraged.

“We're for integration not segregation, and really for upholding what we would call Australian values,” Janson said.
The Attorney General sees the plan as a way of building a strong and cohesive society, and resilience in the community against extremism.
The job description states that the officer’s role will be to "Strengthen the Islamic Society of Victoria and (find) how they can be more effective in the community". Also to implement strategies that assist the Islamic Society to dispel myths and misconceptions about Muslims and Islam.
It’s an honourable pursuit, but should ratepayers be footing the bill to promote one religion over another?
The Ratepayers Association's Jack Davis asks “are we going to subsidise all these other religions for the same sort of thing?”
Nazeem Hussein is spokesperson for the Islamic Council of Victoria and says the initiative is all about educating Anglo-Australians, not recruiting for the Islamic faith.
“I think Australians do need to perhaps step out and understand people who aren't from an Anglo-Saxon background. We do in Australia have a problem with not really understanding our diverse, multi-cultural, multi-religious groups that do exist within this broad society,” he said.
“I think a lot of the critics actually have that fear or that lack of understanding about what it means to be Muslim and these sorts of people would actually be natural participants in this program.”
The Attorney General declined to be interviewed but in a statement revealed the Gillard Government has spent more than $9.7 million on similar initiatives to counter radicalisation in our communities - from sporting clubs to Islamic Associations and Arabic social services.
However, no program like this for any other religious group has ever been run before, so the question that remains unanswered is why now?
“This isn't specifically targeted at benefiting a section of the community, it's targeted at benefiting the whole community, so we need to keep that in mind,” Hussein said.
The job description says nothing about having to be a Muslim to apply for the position.

Wednesday 5th of October, on Channel 7, in the "TodayTonight" program, it was revealed how some councils from Melbourne, like Darebin Council in Melbourne's North (and soon other councils will follow suit) is doing the hiring, using a grant from the Federal Attorney General Robert McClelland's Counter Violent Extremism Fund.
So far the Gillard government spent more than 9.7 millions of dollars to promote the Islam religion in Australia, also "developing and implementing activities that assist the Islamic Society of Victoria to dispel myths and misconceptions about Islam and Muslims"The government also is funding overseas religious workers paying them a salary of $66,000 dollars per year to spread the Islam in this country. My greatest concern is that the government wants the Islamization of Australia. The following muslim communities were helped with huge amounts of taxpayers' money:
- Auburn Community Development Network
- Australian Somali Community Association Inc. (ASCA).
- Bali Peace Park Association
- Burwood Council
- Centre for Multicultural Youth
- City of Darebin
- Federation of Ethnic Communities
- Council of Australia (FECCA)
- Football United - Fairfield
- Footscray Football Club
- Forum on Australia's Islamic Relations
- Horn of Africa Development Agency (HARDA)
- InterAction Multifaith Youth Network
- Islamic Council of Queensland
- Islamic Council of Victoria
- La Trobe University
- Lebanese Muslem Association
- North Melbourne Football Club
- Pace e Bene Australia
- University of Melbourne
- Victorian Arabic Social Services
- The Youth Center
- Youth Development Australia
$45,000 pool curtain installed by the Monash Council to shield muslim women from public view while they swim.

NO program like this, for any other religious group has ever been run before, and NO other religion has ever received a penny from the government, so the question that remain unanswered is: "why now", and "why only to Muslims"??
This means the rest of us, who are not Muslims, we are going to be "second class citizen" of Australia.
If you are a Muslim in this country you will benefit, you will have special and better treatment, than the rest.

I hope Channel 7, will not take this story off air...it is pretty scary to watch, believe me !!!

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